Our Mission

The Collins Investment Group seeks to build life-long investment relationships on a foundation of trust and client satisfaction. We are dedicated to creating the life and legacy you desire by applying our investment experience to your unique goals.

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Our primary responsibility is to help our clients achieve and maintain financial success. We value all relationships, but feel our skills and focus best serve affluent individuals, families and for-profit or charitable institutions.

To provide you with the highest level of professionalism and personal service, we pledge to:

  • Understand your evolving objectives through clear and frequent communication.
  • Carefully evaluate your investment goals and individual needs before offering an investment strategy specifically tailored to your unique situation.
  • Review and evaluate each investment program on an ongoing basis and recommend suitable adjustments, as needed.
  • Maintain effective personal and professional relationships so you remain a satisfied, well-informed client for life.

As a wealth advisory team, we are relationship-driven and focus on exceeding client expectations through responsive, friendly and reliable service. We believe life-long bonds develop over time, and are built on sincere, honest communication and consistently-delivered promises. In order to create lasting relationships, we know our team must do more than manage assets — ongoing education and communication are integral parts of our advisor-client commitment.
The Collins Investment Group brings a long-term outlook and service-oriented approach to our financial practice. We believe superior service and financial solutions can only be achieved by a team that truly understands its clients.

Our team serves successful investors by offering appropriate investments, municipal bond portfolios and professional money-management services1. By combining access to world-class resources with our own unbiased, independent guidance, we help you:

  • Identify your investment objectives and develop a plan to help achieve your long-term needs
  • Seek the best available investment return consistent with an acceptable level of risk
  • Maintain communication and collaboration with you and your other professional advisors.

At the Collins Investment Group, we believe insight and instinct distinguish great financial advisors, because successful investing is truly an art. Although portfolio management may seem a rigid science, lasting success requires finesse and flexibility. Many advisors can spend long hours conducting investment research and analysis as the sole determinant of the best investment strategy; we believe your family’s security deserves the guidance of experienced professionals who also understand and support your life goals. As comprehensive wealth advisors, we are dedicated to creating strategies that support each client’s individual needs, rather than applying the more common one-size-fits-all approach.

Managing the rewards of a life’s work is a responsibility that demands objectivity and intimate knowledge of each client’s financial objectives and risk tolerance. We begin relationships by getting to know you as an individual as well as an investor, so your financial strategies reflect your real life. Whether re-positioning family assets with a critical eye, recognizing the emotions involved in addressing life’s transitions or uncovering previously hidden opportunities and liabilities, the Collins Investment Group applies a thorough, compassionate approach to investing in every advisory relationship.

We practice value-oriented portfolio management – a style of asset management historically used throughout various stock and bond market environments. This technique seeks to provide a “margin of safety” for each investor, which we believe is the best way to provide true family value. We carefully consider stocks with what we believe to be a notable disparity between market price and fair value, keeping portfolios diversified and managing assets with scrutiny. This diligent process allows us to pursue our primary goal for each client: a total rate of return consisting of income plus capital appreciation.

A message from XML CEO & Co-Founder, Brett S. Bernstein, CFP®

 Fellow Co-Founder, Robert D. Kantor and I set out on a mission in 2004 to create a boutique independent financial services firm of which we could be proud. We sought to provide advice and guidance to our clients without the pressures a large firm typically brings. We wanted a platform to offer a variety of investments that were appropriate for our clients instead of merely proprietary products.  We also knew that, as entrepreneurs, we would be able to relate better to our clients, many of whom ran successful companies and built their wealth through their own hard work. We knew that we could differentiate ourselves from other advisors because we believed in ourselves and the quality of advice and guidance we bring to each client relationship. Most importantly, we could build an infrastructure that serves our needs, which ultimately allows us to serve our clients’ needs. On that foundation, XML Financial Group was born. XML became an SEC registered investment advisor in 2016.

Since then we have tripled in size and added like minded professionals and employees who share our beliefs. We welcomed the team of the Collins Investment Group in September of 2021. XML’s philosophy is designed to address long-term objectives, taking into account a practical approach to our clients’ day-to-day needs. We believe that we should help our clients free up their time so they can spend time doing things that matter most to them.

When you have spent your adult life saving and building wealth, what is it all for? What does it get you? We prefer to serve as the single point of contact to manage multiple facets of your financial life so that you get on living! We believe your advisor should: pursue excellence. Find genius. Communicate clearly. Be transparent. Be proactive. Seek to simplify. Treat you as family. For more information about XML, please visit www.xmlfg.com