Excerpt from Potomac Lifestyle Men’s Issue: June 2019
Article Lauri Gross | Photography Monica Vidal

In college in the 1980s, Bob Collins traded stocks to make money for beer and dates while he pursued an accounting degree for what he expected would be a career as a CPA. But fate had other plans.

In Bob’s senior year, he became awestruck by a “stock jockey” (a broker conducting a high frequency of trades) who was a speaker at a Career Services seminar. In that moment, Bob decided to become a stockbroker instead of an accountant.

After graduation, Bob saved money living at home and working for an uncle’s construction business before he landed an entry-level stockbroker position. Soon, he became an officially licensed broker after passing the required test.         

Thirty-six years later, Bob is the owner, CEO and managing director of Collins Investment Group in Bethesda, an independent company he formed 11 years ago when he parted from Wachovia Securities.  

Bob says he loves making a difference in clients’ lives and building wealth for them. One particular client in her 60s came to Bob….

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